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Ode to positive constructive daydreaming

A recent issue of the journal, Frontiers in Psychology, features a review article, “Ode to positive constructive daydreaming.” According to the article’s abstract: Nearly 60 years ago, Jerome L. Singer launched a groundbreaking research program into daydreaming (Singer, 1955, 1975, 2009) that presaged and … Continue reading

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Not All Minds That Wander Are Lost

“Not all minds that wander are lost: the importance of a balanced perspective on the mind-wandering state” is the title of an article appearing this month in Frontiers in Psychology. According to the article abstract: The waking mind is often occupied … Continue reading

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REVIEW ARTICLE Attention and Mind-Wandering Under Load

According to the abstract: Attention research over the last several decades has provided rich insights into the determinants of distraction, including distractor characteristics, task features, and individual differences. Load Theory represented a particularly important breakthrough, highlighting the critical role of … Continue reading

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ABSTRACT Wandering Minds and Wavering Rhythms: Linking Mind Wandering and Behavioral Variabillity

From the JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY-HUMAN PERCEPTION AND PERFORMANCE, 39 (1):1-5; FEB 2013: http://www.researchgate.net/publication/233937845_Wandering_Minds_and_Wavering_Rhythms_Linking_Mind_Wandering_and_Behavioral_Variability.

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